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Sorin Traistaru (Arici Supermoto KTM) Press Release: Sorin Traistaru nominated Rider of the Year 2012 in Romania

Sorin Traistaru concludes the 2012 season on a high note, receiving Rider of the Year 2012 Trophy after winning his second consecutive Supermoto title in Romania and achieving a respectable 5th position in the East European Championship.
Traistaru speaks about his season and upcoming challenges.

[Press Release]

Sorin TraistaruSorin Traistaru powered by succeeded in winning his second, back to back, title in the Romanian Supermoto Championship. The rider from Arad received the Rider of the Year 2012 trophy following his achievements.
"This year I was one of the few riders which was present also internationally, but this distinction, Rider of the Year 2012, comes as a result of my success in the National Championship. I appreciate the efforts of the Romanian Motorcycling Federation to offer various prizes, since we need all the help we can get in this troubled economical environment. I am very pleased with this nomination", said Traistaru.

'Hedgie' as he is nicknamed, concludes a good season. "2012 was kind to me. I succeeded in winning my second consecutive title and achieved a respectable 5th position in the East European Championship. Still, its worth mentioning that the National Championship was far from what I would like it to be. This season there weren't many opponents, while my financial effort remained high. One needs money to race and this Championship lacks media exposure, hence sponsors aren't interested", says Traistaru. "I hope that for 2013 I will able to turn things around for this competition, since I was asked to be part of the Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM)."

For 2013, Sorin Traistaru will try to defend his title. "My main objective for 2013 is to defend my title and to keep racing internationally. Like that I will be able to progress as a rider. Speaking of progress, I will do my best to make a difference in the Federation and help the sport. Supermoto needs more exposure in Romania, while the Championship has to gain in organisational skills. Like that, I hope foreign riders will also come to race here in Romania."

Sorin Traistaru powered by is sponsored by Compas Arad and Axum Comp.

Three questions with Sorin Traistaru
New bike for 2013?
Sorin Traistaru: This season I raced with my KTM 450 SMR, a 2009 bike. Yes, an old bike by today's standards, but good enough if handled well! Unfortunately the budget wont allow me to make dramatic changes for now. We shall see what 2013 brings!

Your main opponent in 2013 will be?
ST: Honestly, I don't know. I couldn't nominate anyone, because I expect some Junior riders to make the step to the big category, so its prudent to be... prudent! I will do my own race, its important to finish all rounds - consistency! That's the secret.

You are slowly but surely approaching the end of your career. Future plans?
ST: True, I have this thought in the back of my head. Though I don't plan to retire just yet, but it will happen at some point. When the time comes, I would like to help young riders, I have my own racing team (C.S. Ariciu Supermoto) so maybe I will try my hand as a Team Owner / Manager.


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Sorin Traistaru is the Romanian Supermoto Champion (2011, 2012).

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2012-12-21 02:08:38

Sorin Traistaru (Arici Supermoto KTM)  
Sorin Traistaru (Arici Supermoto KTM)